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has anyone here tried Exam Cram??what are the standards for this it enough to get 60s just like in Kaplan or what??any info regarding this will be helpful..


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I'm using the exam cram CD and I think the questions are hard! I read somewhere in this forum that some people thought that the real NCLEX questions were similar to the exam cram question and claimed that this review helped them to pass.


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So its a good material it cd depdendable??because I am having problems with my DVD drive..waaa..:crying2::crying2::crying2:

:cry: well, at first i tried to finish reading Prentice hall and Saunders Comprehensive books. Then, I realized I am running out of time and I need to proceed with the questions and test strategies. I am using Saunders, Prentice Hall, and Kaplan for the practice tests... Lately, I've been feeling dizzy and very anxious with the test. Some said the test is difficult, while some claimed it is a piece of cake! (But still, I feel like I should know everything for the test..) I've got few weeks left, and I feel like i need to answer more than a 100 questions a day...


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NO one can really tell whether you are ready or not for this matter how you force yourself on taking a lot of questions or information before the test you can never really be that prepared..what I can suggest is that you can increase the number of questions that youre going to answer at a comfortable pace..overwhelming your brain with a lot of info will do no help..better yet relax..believe in your capabilities..pray..and cast everything to HIM..I am sure you will not go wrong with HIM by your side..goodluck and may we all achieve what we are aiming for..

:heartbeat i am scheduled to take my nclex test next month (july, 2009)!!!

i am using kaplan, saunders, and prentice hall for my practice tests

unfortunately, i don't have kaplan test taking strategies

because it would be very expensive for me to buy another book

since i already have a couple of references.

i heard it is really helpful in passing the test.

i would appreciate if anyone of you will share your piece of knowledge about test taking strategies..

and, anything that are important before and during taking the test..

thank you.

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