Nclex- dont ever give up!!!


I am simply writing on this website to encourage people who have failed the NCLEX just like I did....3 times.

I graduated nursing school December 2015. Nursing school was hard, however I never struggled. I studied like crazy, and the hard work paid off. I started studying right after graduation and sat for my NCLEX at the end of January. I got 106 questions and found out I failed. I was devastated because I never thought I would be the girl struggling to pass boards. I never struggled in school, how could not be happening to me!! I changed up my study plan and sat for my NCLEX again in March, 265questions. Again, fail. WHAT WAS I DOING WRONG??? I was at a loss. I looked into tutors to hire, different NCLEX classes to take, and also different NCLEX books. I was determined. I once again sat for my NCLEX in May, 265q. Once again, Fail. After seeing the four letter word "FAIL" on my results I told myself I was done. I had myself convinced I was stupid and didn't have what it takes to be an RN. After taking 2 weeks off of studying and regrouping, I told myself "you can do this"you worked too hard in nursing school to just give up.So I ordered a strategy book off of amazon read it and decided I was going to take my NCLEX ASAP. I sat down and decided I was going to do 4,500 questions in 24 days. (that is how long I had before I tested again) Every single day I would get up and do question after question, reading the rationale and figure out why I was getting the question wrong. I sat for my NCLEX July 5th and finally saw the four letter word "PASS" 48 hours later.

For every person reading this. DO NOT GIVE UP. find something that works for you and stick to it!! For me, content was not an issue. Answering the questions were. Understanding how to answer the questions took me sitting down and doing 4500 questions. Yeah that sounds like a lot of questions, but you will do that too knowing it WILL help you be successful.

Below I will put what I used to study overtime. Also if you have any questions please PLEASE email me. I said once I figured out how to pass I wanted to make sure to help others find a way to pass. This test is a mind game and does NOT determine the kind of nurse you will be. My email:

1st time: Kaplan/ Hurst/ NCSBN

2nd time: HURST

3rd time: Mark Klimek Review course(TOTALLY AWESOME)

4th time: Prioritization book, Saunders question and answer book, Saunders 2016 strategies book, UWORLD(AMAZING)

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