You can pass the nclex!

  1. Hello Future RNs and PNS!

    I am here to share my testimony with you regarding the NCLEX BEAST! First I would like to give GOD all the GLORY! If it had not been for HIM I wouldn't have made it this far!

    I graduated nursing school BSN in December. I used Uworld only and SKIMMED the questions (about 800). I scheduled my test during the month of February at a local testing center and went there alone. I was extremely nervous (to the point I could not think). I panicked once I went past 75Q and ended up taking the entire 265Q in 5 1/2 hours. I was in a daze when I left and after an hour I did the PVT and it asked for my correct card info and I didn't want to believe it but I FAILED!

    After the devastation stage (lots of tears), I searched online for HOURS for study programs so that I could try again.
    I ended up giving Uworld another chance, I also added: "Hurst Review" for content review and "Happy NCLEX" for anxiety management and strategizing questions.

    This time I studied for about 3 months! I made a schedule Monday- Sunday and I completed the entire UWORLD bank (took time to understand why I was right and wrong), the entire Hurst review (once with the book they give and again with my own set of notes) and I got to like stage 2 of Happy NCLEX. I also made sure to meditate, read God's word, and PRAY before each study session to stay clear-headed and be able to focus!

    The second time I scheduled my test at a center about two hours away and rented a hotel room for myself, my husband, and mother. We drove down a day before, relaxed, ate at a restaurant and I tried to get a good nights rest. The morning of we ate a good breakfast, we PRAYED, and they dropped me off. I took a deep breath, walked in knowing that I had done all I could to prepare.

    I sat down and took each question one by one asking God to keep me calm and continue to guide me (took lots of deep breaths) and I stopped at around question 30 to rinse my face with cool water and breathe. I went back in and before I knew it I was at question 75! I remember telling myself that if I went past 75 to NOT GIVE UP! I made sure each of my answers was thought through and after I hit submit, BOOM the screen went BLUE! I was surprised and excited that it was over!

    We went shopping and about an hour afterward, I did the PVT and it WORKED! I was happy but a bit nervous! I needed to see the words, PASSED! Two days later I did!


    P.S. Don't get caught up in trying to analyze what type of questions you're getting if they are higher level or not! Focus on each question and trying to get it RIGHT!

    Prayers for you all,

    M. J. S. W, BSN, RN
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  3. by   AlexaGrey
    Thank you for this wonderful and encouraging post! Im testing next week and I'm very anxious right now, reading your post helps with my nerves. Congratulations on passing!
  4. by   BlessedRN2018
    Thank you! Its no problem at all, YOU GOT THIS!