yet another stressed person after nclex. please give me your opinion!

  1. Ok, so I graduated last month and there have already been several people in my program who have taken and passed the nclex. All of them got their results posted the following day on our state licensing site-like 24 hours or less.

    So, I took mine yesterday and it still says "pending" by my name rather than "active". I've done the pearson vue trick 4 times and I always get good pop up. Says results delivered on my info page and then I get the popup that says "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Please contact your Member Board for further assistance. Another registration cannot be made at this time."

    That's the good popup right? I'm just so worried because my license isn't active yet when others who took it got theirs quicker. Mine turned off at 75, but I don't think I got as many sata as other people have said. I knew to expect alot just from hearing from others, so I didn't even bother to count. I got like 4 of that drag and drop ones, hate those because there's almost always one that is listed differently depending on where you've studied. And there were flat out a good 2 drugs that I'd never heard of so 100% guess.

    Is that still the good popup?
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  3. by   tanyanchlls
    Got same pop up like you, still waiting to see results, who knows?but most pple say that's it u passed
  4. by   newstudentrn
    I have been struggling with the whole "pop up" thing myself. My pop up says results on hold. So I contacted Pearson Vue and they told me to speak with my board of Nursing. I spoke with the Board of Nursing in TN and they told me that the boards usually do not get the results until about 2 days after you test, then it takes them around 1 week to verify your results and post your status on the licensure verification website. So basically what I am saying is, don't worry. The folks who got their results faster are just lucky and got their paper work processed faster.
  5. by   texasRN_14
    i'm wondering that as well. i got 85 questions on the pn exam with 17 sata and got the same pop up as you today. ughhhh
  6. by   teboz
    I am waiting to take the RN NCLEX, but I took the PN last year. I had to wait 4 days for my results then...Good Luck!
  7. by   dallet6
    Oh DOH just updated when my continuing education credits will be due, but still says pending. I think I'm in nclex hell
  8. by   cgates
    I took my boards today at 2pm.. got a 115 questions.. got the pop up that says "this person is already scheduled for an exam. please contact your BON for assistance.. another test cannot be scheduled."

    is this the good pop up?

    It has calmed my nerves some but i still want to know if it works