Yes 75 Questions

  1. Hi evryone,
    I am back 2 hours later yes I got 75 questions. I feel horrible and it was horrible test. I had almost more than half questions on the meds I have no clue about 6-7 select all that apply and rest priorities. No med calculation or hot spot I am so nervous I know nothing can be done now except the miserable waite. I will keep you posted.
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  3. by   BORI-BSNRN
    Good luck to you hope you pass!! Let us know....
  4. by   dmn1012
    Hi Anjum,
    took my test yest 75 q, piority, meds unknow, even some strange conitions i never heard of no calculations though.. I have another 24 hrs. I was so upset yesterday I couldn't relax didn't want to do anything. Then my boyfriend dragged me out to a cooking class w/ him!! had a few glasses of wine some great food.. It took my mind off of trying to figure out what q I got right and wrong. I had a good night sleep....until today now I am on a cleaning craze. God knows my house has been neglected for months or should I say probably a few years now.. sometimes I feel confident and then I sometimes just breakdown and cry.. Hang in there...
  5. by   malire
    I took it yesterday with 75 questions too. Lots of meds I had never heard of. No calculations. I didn't even get many questions where ABCs, Maslow, Nursing Process helped like all the strategies say. It was hard! I was drinking wine last night too and that helped. Today I'm doing laundry and cleaning cabinets! Anything to keep me from checking the BON website more than once per hour!

    Good luck!
  6. by   dmn1012
    Hi, what is the BON website, I am from NY too..I just keep checking pearson. This is very abnormal behavior I am at my computer every hr too!!!
    Good luck..
  7. by   malire
    The Board of Nursing Website. I think we might be able to get our results faster that way (and without paying extra!). Here is the site for NY:

    Good luck! I'm going back to cleaning again because I can't check again until noon!
  8. by   dalegirl
    Hi Anjum
    I feel somewhat the same, 75 for me also, I felt I did not do too bad but not too good either. Good luck to you, hopefully we will both have good news.
  9. by   CyndieRN2007
    I took and passed NCLEX RN on 2/21/. It is a horrible test. The wait is probably the most horrible thing about NCLEX. This site is great to connect to people who have just taken the exam. I will never forget waiting with Emily (Sistrmoon) and Ear for our results. Good Luck and Im sure you did great. Keep us posted....Just breathe.......
  10. by   malire
    Thanks for the confidence, Cyndie! It definitely feels good to know I'm not the only one who walked out of there and wanted to cry. It was so hard. I expected it to be more like the review questions where at least half of them I could answer with confidence.
  11. by   Anjum
    Thanks all it is great to have this support.
  12. by   dmn1012
    I am glad all of you are here. I can only vent to my friends any family so much, they don't understand..Its nice to have the supoort from all of you.
    Well, counting down the hours, I am up and down all day. Sometimes I think if I did that bad the questions should have been easy, right? ...Oh I don't know your mind does strange things when you are stressed..

    Luck to all
  13. by   malire
    That's what I keep thinking, dmn. I always heard that if it's hard and you get 75 then you passed. Did you try the website for the NY board of nursing?
  14. by   dalegirl
    yes, it was hard, wine and cleaning cabinets might be theway to go