Working together to pass!!!

  1. If anyone have any study info for the Nclex or an easier way to remember useful info for the nclex please share....I will be posting info that I come upon using my study tools and I'm asking everyone to do the same....Help each other out by reposting to questions and sharing useful study info....if you are stuck post ur question so we can discuss, there is no dumb or too easy of a question ....NCLEX is the enemy let's get together and conquer!!! Don't forget to encourage and motivate....Thanks yall:kiss

    Have a bless day!
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  3. by   nursingilove
    There are many nclex review attachments on this site, look around. Kaplan is an excellent source. You follow the plan and you can't go wrong! It's all about answering the questions. Why you got it right and why you got it wrong. Review content, lab values and classifications of drugs. You made it through nursing school so you know your content. I can't stress enough about answering questions. I mean thousands! And don't forget the rationales! I believe if you just do Kaplan you WILL not need anything else. I hope this clarifies something for you.
  4. by   krsmarie
    Great idea! Would be nice to find all of the Information in one place! 9 months left until test time ... Need to start reviewing!