When To Submit NCLEX application?

  1. Hey everyone!

    I graduate June 23rd and the Dean of Nursing sent out NCLEX application instructions sometime last week. I plan on applying for an out of state license (TX). TX has already sene me my fingerprint card and I planned on getting my prints and sending it to the TX BON either tomorrow or Monday.

    Is it too soon to start the application process since the school wont send my transcripts to the TX BON until the end of June? Or is it okay to get everything started now?

    I just dont want to wait until the last minute because I want to test ASAP after graduation.
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  3. by   beautifulbyHisblood
    I'm from Texas, too. You can apply to the board as soon as you want! What determines your ability to test is how quick the BON sends you the ATT letter after graduation. Mine took two and a half weeks, and even then there wasn't anything available as far as test dates until a couple weeks after that!

    This is what I did, if I remember right... the BON gives pretty good directions here:

    1. Apply for initial licensure.
    2. Register with Pearson Vue a few weeks after that (the BON says two weeks before graduation, but you can do it earlier. )
    3. Graduate and wait for your ATT!
    4. As soon as you get your ATT, schedule your testing appointment.

    Good luck! Have a great last semester, and happy job hunting.
  4. by   starmickey03
    Thank you so much!
    I was kind of confused on the order of how I should go about getting everything done. I thought that I couldnt register with Pearson Vue until after graduation. I'll get started on the application process soon, but its good to know I dont have to stress about it.
  5. by   beautifulbyHisblood
    You bet! I agree, it is pretty confusing. People tell you so many different things and it is just a little ridiculous!! :P

    Congratulations on being almost done! Yahoo!