when is one ready?--based on % of practice questions

  1. My wife is studying for RN-NCLEX and she is worrying about her percentage on practice questions. Does anyone have a rough idea of what percentage of practice questions one should be consistently scoring before trying the real test? Thanks
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  3. by   red_baron
    depends on what type of questions shes using. Kaplan questions are notoriously harder so anything over 60% is good. Saunders and lippencott over 75% is good. My whole thing has been this, as long as i get more right than wrong im in good shape, . good luck, study hard.

    P.S. oh and make sure she does about 4000 questions before she takes her boards, good confidence builder. ive been avg. 150-200 a day, 6 days a week, been studying for the past 5 weeks, taking mine this coming Thursday. I feel a lot better than when i started.
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  4. by   Sheri257
    I agree. For Saunders I could do as many as 500-600 questions a day because it was a lot easier. With Kaplan questions, which were a lot harder, I'd do more like 200-300 questions a day.

    When are you ready? That's a good question. At least from my perspective, I don't know if you can ever feel completely ready for this test. I don't know anyone else who felt completely ready either.

    I decided to take it when I reached the saturation point. I had studied so much for so long ... I just couldn't do it anymore. I'd done so many questions, I'd lost count.

    Basically, I reached a point of diminishing returns. So, I took a day off, watched movies, tried to relax and clear my head and took the test the next day.

  5. by   Sheri257
    Quote from red_baron
    depends on what type of questions shes using. Kaplan questions are notoriously harder so anything over 60% is good.
    I'm a big fan of Kaplan and I did ok on their practice exams. But I do have one major complaint about their scores. IMO, you can't take low scores too seriously because they test on a lot of stuff that's not included in their review.

    I'd get something wrong and think: where was that in the review? Then I'd go look it up in the course book and, more often than not, it wasn't there. Yet, they tell you if you score below a certain level you should go back and review the book.

    Well ... if a lot of the question content isn't in the review, what good is more review going to do?

    Nevertheless, the questions were very similar to the NCLEX and are very good for study, IMO. But I wouldn't pay too much attention to the scores because they don't always give you everything you need upfront to correctly answer those tough questions.

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  6. by   kitnaw
    what about the percentage of ncsbn review? i'm geting 50-55%? and i've got 11 days to prepare..what's the best things that i should do by this time? honestly i'm getting tired..pls. give me some advices
  7. by   red_baron
    NCSBN, I thought was slightly easier than Kaplan. I wouldn't focus on the grades youre getting. Focus on the rationales even for the right answers. At this point reading content is pointless, just take questions every day up untill a day or two before the test, then stop and relax.

    what i do is take 25-50 questions at a time, review the rationales, make one sentence bullets to help me focus on the important points. then i take a 20 min break and i do it all over again. 200q's a day. "rinse and repeat".
    dont hype up the test in your head, and dont lose your focus. if you believe that you will fail, you will.
    study hard.
  8. by   kitnaw
    thanks red_baron for the advice