What worked for me to pass Nclex

  1. 1)I did a study plan from Kaplan and finished their entire QBank and Question Trainers 4-7 completely with full remediation

    2)Uworld a few weeks before my Nclex and I did a total of 500 questions(not reused).

    3)I studied almost everyday for two months(probably if you counted everyday I would say 2 hours a day)

    4)I used Decision tree only for real two weeks before my test date

    5)I used the Saunders book to practice using decision tree, and the Qbank, but Uworld is def harder

    6)I studied 11 hours two days before my test, mostly content (which I regret, should of just did uworld questions)

    7)I drove up to the test site two days before to make sure I would know where to go and not get lost on test day

    8)I only reviewed an outline I made of labs and pharm for about 20 minutes the day before the test

    I took my test this Monday December 7th, I did 200 questions and felt really unsure of what had just happened. The test is as hard as the Uworld questions, so for that I am glad I used it at all!

    Pearson Vue Trick WORKS: When I left the test site I got a prepaid Visa gift card , then came home and did the Pearson Vue pop-up trick and got the good pop-up. You have to go all the way through and submit payment (it only needs a valid credit card not your bank card for the full $200). So far several people I know who have passed used this trick and it does it with everyone who passes.

    This morning exactly 48 hours from when I started my Nclex I checked the breeze website and my license was posted! Hope all this advice helps. I studied a lot because I already struggled in nursing school, although I never failed a semester I just didn't have the confidence. On test day make sure you're calm and prepared, thats the best advice of all because otherwise you will only set yourself up for failure.
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    Congrats and thx for sharing your story