What jobs can I get with my BSN if I don't pass Hesi/Nclex?

  1. I graduated from college this spring with my BSN, but have not been able to pass my Hesi... an exit type exam which I need to pass before taking my state boards. I took it twice last year... once in January, which not many passed, including me. I took it last May, but was the day before I had gall bladder surgery, and did not pass. Then, I took it last Tuesday, and still did not pass (but received a higher score than the 2 previous times).

    Here's my story that might make you understand... I was supposed to graduate June 2003 with my BSN. I had gall bladder surgery May 2003 and missed a lot of my acute nursing course, and was not able to keep up. I did not pass, and had to wait to take the class over. It was not offered until January this year, and I took it and finished the end of March. I felt SO out of the loop, and still do, because I had not been in clinicals or had nursing in that time period. I am now working at a hospital as a PCA/nursing assistant/graduate nurse. Everyone keeps asking 'when are you taking your boards?' I feel like I get asked this so much I could get sick. Not many people know I haven't passed my Hesi, I feel ashamed and stupid that I haven't been able to pass. There are other ladies I work with who graduated from an ADN program, fresh out, taking their boards, passing, and I feel like they are better off than me. I just want to hang my head

    If I am not able to pass these tests, what other career options do I have that I can do with my BSN? I want to know what other options I have if I cannot overcome this hurdle. I am wanting to take my Hesi again next week, and if I don't pass it this time, I don't know if I want to take it again.

    Thank you in advance for any advice/comments you can make.
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  3. by   purplemania
    you could seek a teacher's certificate to teach grade school or high school sciences. I would get a tutor for the HESI, or contact the Sylvan Center or some such place. Sounds like you need to focus on the test a little more. Do your former instructors have any advice? Do you have access to CDs or study guides? I hope you get your license, but also hope you have some peace about the whole thing too.