Want to change NCLEX date.Please please advise!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Challenging the LPN boards on 21st July but thinking about moving the test date up a week (around 14 Jul) because I kinda just want to get it over with. Only one problem I can't really start studying until my Microbiology (Summer session) final is done and over with (24 June). I have been doing questions here and there when my Micro workload isn't so heavy and every semester I did questions to help me review, did my lab value flash cards today and I just think if I don't know something by the time I take my test I will never know it. But then I would feel horrible if I rushed and failed!!!!!!!!! Does anyone think I am taking a chance by only studying three weeks? Please advise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. by   dwag
    whether or not you study 3 weeks or 6 weeks depend entirely upon you. whatever it takes to make you feel comfortable with the material is how long you should take. i will say, however, being in school now - right before your test - will keep you in the mind set of answering questions and reviewing material. you probably will be able to review enough info in 3 weeks. and for some taking longer may increase their chances of forgetting the stuff they reviewed first. it sounds like you have been studying already - so tack that study time on to your three weeks and i am sure you will see you should give yourself more credit. studying for these exams is daunting but being comfortable with the material is key - study enough to make yourself feel comfortable and confident!
  4. by   teelaticeNY
    I really needed that you are so right. I have been doing questions for the last couple of days an I have been feeling pretty good scoring between 60-80%. One time I even got a 100% so I feel O.K. I will keep doing what I am doing and hopefully I will pass. Moved my date from 21 Jul to 14 Jul. Got go I have a final in Micro Wed and Thursday.

    Thanks again for your feedback!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   marie229
    I jsut recently took the NCLEX-PN ( don't know results yet) NO amount of studying would have prepared me for that test. I had a later date b/c summer micro, i wanted to finish micro first but I moved the date up and Yeah no amount of studying could have prepared me for it. It seems like it's all critical thinking it doesn't flat out ask you facts.