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It's been 45 hours since I left the testing center on Wed, but the result is still not available yet. I am so nervous, had 76 questions with 4 SATA, lots of meds, priority, who to see first, 3 drug... Read More

  1. by   iel21
    CONGRATULATIONS egrito2!!! I'm so happy for you... just 2 hours ago i was telling you to stay psotive... and now you passed already!!! Your post that you passed put a big smile on my face. I know you deserve it!! Please continue to pray for us... I hope & pray that all Dec test takers and future nclex takers will feel the joy & euphoria of passing the exam..lol! I wish you all tte best in your job hunting. You serve as an inspiration & motivation for us!!! Thanks & congratualtions once again!!! Godbless!
  2. by   massou
  3. by   tflorn
    you are next ...youll be feeling the same way too not long from now!!!!

  4. by   wizard100
  5. by   igmirnor
    Congratulations :spin: Good luck with your future career!!!
    Quote from ergito2
    I just found out that I passed my test, thank you, Tflorn and Iel for your wonderful support and encouragements. Espcially to Tflorn, I can't use any words to express how much I appreciate your help, you are my motivation and helped me a lot to pass my test. Millions of thanks. You are such a wonderful person. Keep in touch in the future, if you ever coming to Boston someday, make sure to let me know.
  6. by   massou
    Actually, I cancelled my exam for next week. I am yet to set a new date.
  7. by   je_da
    congrats! I knw you did it!hahaha! I am proud of you.. You've been there too for me. Thank you!
    now go and celebrate! You deserve it! Weee!
  8. by   nub4sh
    Congratulations to you.
  9. by   nub4sh
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