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My husband took the exam last friday and we're waiting for the results. Im waiting almost as anxious as he is! He got 180 questions, and at the end the questions were easy. He also missed almost all... Read More

  1. by   lavender rose
    I have waited long enough to find out I have to take it again. Was crushed. But now have to get back up and prepare again. Any news for me?
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  2. by   suzanne4
    Quote from Tigger215
    I sure hope I will make it too when I take my NCLEX. Still have almost 3 months more to make myself ready.
    Got a question in behalf of my girlfriend. She took the NCLEX Mar.30 (Vermont BON) and saw that she passed thru quick results by April 2. But till now, she hasn't seen her name in the Verifications site of VermonT. Its starting to get her anxious coz friends told us that once you pass you will see your name and license number there. What's up with this? Can quick results be wrong?
    You have to give the state time to process the license. They do not do that until they have gotten formal notification that the nurse has passed.

    Quick results are never wrong, but they are just that. Quick results of the exam and nothing more.

    She will just need to be patient until they release her license. But she has passed.
  3. by   doss_jl
    So waiting for the results??!!?? I have heard so many stories. I am in VA and some people that I have recently talked to said they waited 7 days before they found out they had passed. I took my test June 30 and it stopped at 85 questions? Most of my friends found out within 2 to 3 days while others are still waiting and slowly finding out! Has anyone ever heard of people finding out they passed well after the 3 to 4 day wait? It's so nerve racking!
  4. by   jcooper511
    Well I am in MD and took the RN-NCLEX yesterday and am feeling very down about it. I got 75 questions felt like I knew about 5. It is a holiday and I have been stalking the website praying I will see the results. This is awful, I am glad that everyone posted their stories it seems to help!!! Keep me in your prayers!!
    I don't want a DX of Hopelessness R/T uncertainty about NClex E/B inablity to sleep,eat, or think about anything other than my results!!!
    I am a real mess I don't even want to go shopping, that seems to always make me feel better!!!