Waiting for NCLEX Results for California License

  1. I took my NCLEX on Thursday, September 6th. I know that California does not offer Quick Results (very frustrating), but I have heard that you can check on Search - DCA to view your license. Apparently if you passed, your name should be listed after 2-3 days. Today is day 3 for me, and I still have heard no news and my name is still not listed. My test shut off at 78 questions and I felt very good about it, although of course now I am seriously starting to doubt myself. Is anyone else in this situation? I know that technically with California they tell you that you can be waiting for 6 weeks before getting your results, but I think I might lose my mind waiting. Any help or advice would be appreciated!
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  3. by   jonah1105
    Hi. I took mine last Tuesday, 09.11.2018. Tried the PVT after an hour of finishing the exam and got the good pop up. Tried checking again after 24 hrs, and got the same result. 30 mins. ago, 36 hrs after I took the exam, the BRN CA website posted my license no. I couldn't be any happier. Thank you, God!!!
    Stay positive. Be confident. Dont forget to pray. Good luck. =)
  4. by   Lewispayne
    I know it is so frustrating. I took the the test for the first time March 17th, test shut off at 195. I waited to get the official email before doing the PVT trick. The message I received said test scores are on hold. Had no idea what that meant. About an hour later I did the PVT trick again but I put in all the right info and the card went through. So I was wondering Had I put the wrong credit card info in would it have just said decline? Anyway I just tested again on 9/12 (2nd attempt) 75 questions computer shut off and i didn't feel confident at all. After receiving the official email 20 minutes later, I decided to do the PVT trick. I got the same message that said my scores were on hold. NO NO NO, the same thing like last time. So I went home to do some research on what it means to have scores on hold. One of the reasons was if you had a hard time scanning your palm print this could be an issue. Meaning that they're just double checking. So later that day I did the PVT trick again and I got the GOOD POP UP. I've been checking every hour on the hour just to make sure it doesn't change again. As of this evening over 48 hours later I'm still receiving the Good Pop UP! I tried going to the Breeze to fill out another application for retesting and it says error "there is already an open application with this same user name please check.......blah blah. I still have hope. I was wondering do they post stuff on weekends.
    Signed ANXIOUS!
  5. by   mj.scott94
    Hi jonah1105, are you in California? Also did you apply for an interim permit? I'm hoping the reason I haven't heard yet is because I'm in Colorado.. I honestly don't know what I'll do if I failed! It's making me sick to my stomach, how does California not have quick results?!?!
  6. by   mj.scott94
    Fingers crossed for you Lewispayne!! Hopefully this will be over for both of us soon and we'll be licensed RNs!!
  7. by   mj.scott94
    Just wanted to give an update. Today I called the CA BRN, and they said they are "not sure why I haven't received my results letter yet" and they are going to "look into it." Honestly I might lose my mind. A similar thing happened to me when I was waiting for my ATT, where they said I should have received it and I never did. I feel like I have no control whatsoever, and the people at the Board seem unconcerned with the fact that I am losing job opportunities. I'll give another update after I call them again tomorrow.
  8. by   mj.scott94

    My name posted today officially in the registry!!!!! My total wait was 15 days, no clue why it took so long for me, but I don't even care anymore!!!
  9. by   jtboy29
    Congrats on it finally posted. 15 days must of been a whirlwind for you. Glad that's over with. Waiting for a week for my NCLEX PN results was harsh as well but as long as it is a "PASS" it's always a great thing
  10. by   Dayaroxx
    I took mine the 9/10/18, did the PVT got the good pop up, I did it yesterday and still get the good pop up but no results have posted. I checked on breeze as in other forums say if your options change it means a pass, but I'm not feeling confident anymore.