Very nervous-take Nclex-rn on 02/15

  1. Please pray for me coz my heart is running so fast and am very,very nervous about it. I have done my best studying and doing question, but still I feel like, I need more...
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  3. by   dvrn89
    I take my NCLEX tomorrow. I feel the same way. The odds appear to be in my favor but you just never know. This is a big step and we have every right to be afraid but we need to believe that we can do it. We were born to be nurses and we've come this far with it already. Just take some time to relax and enjoy your day!
  4. by   odeth1
    You can do it. I am studying want to do it sometime next so scared though. Will be the second time around
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  5. by   LoveBSN12
    I took the nclex RN today and my test shut off at 75q. I did the pvt and got the good pop up. I hope it's accurate in meaning that I passed. My best advice to you is pray and believe in yourself! Don't let your nerves get to you, this will not help. Stay positive and believe that you have done enough preparation to help you pass this exam! Relax tonight and every time you start getting nervous tell yourself you can do it and imagine yourself telling your friends and family you've passed!!!!! Good luck.. You got it!!!