V-day is my doomsday...NCLEX!!! - page 3

So I'm taking the NCLEX on Friday-valentine's day. I didn't want to take it then (I don't have a bf or anything, it's just that it's a cosmically bad day for me period, and I don't want to fail the... Read More

  1. by   2banurse
    Congratulations Jedi!!!
  2. by   jedijennie
    Originally posted by Bonnie Blue
    Yea Jedi!!!! Tomorrow is my turn. A whole bunch of us are taking it tomorrow. Afterwards, I'm going shopping!!!
    Good for you, I went shopping afterwards, too, then I went to a party and got trashed

    So just wanted to tell you guys-the same roomie who flooded the apartment Thursday nite-DID IT AGAIN!! But it's COMPLETELY fllooded this time!! UGHGHGHG I can't wait to move out!!! STUPID B&$%H!!!!!!! If any of you are parents, teach your children how to live-cuz my roomies were never taught that! Turn a light out when you leave a room, the apt does NOT have to be 80degrees (put on a blanket!!!) and when doing laundry, don't leave it unattended till it starts it cycle!!!
  3. by   Bonnie Blue
    The computer shut off after 75 questions. The questions were from all over the place. Then I blew a bunch of money shopping! Although, everything I bought except for the make-up was on sale.
  4. by   ggfifirn05
    Congratulations! I told you that you would pass! Best of luck with the rest of school...and thanks for your advise.