UWorld vs. Kaplan

  1. I'm currently preparing to take the Nclex-RN in September and I wanted to know which question bank was the best. I'm using both UWorld and the Kaplan q-trainers but I'm wondering if I should just stick with one. Any advice would be great especially from recent test takers...thanks☺️
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  3. by   FL_Nurse92
    I used Kaplan and it prepared me very well for boards! I'm really not sure about UWorld but doing the qbank questions and trainers from kaplan helped me pass boards the first try with 75 questions.
  4. by   Nursenikki786
    Thank you...I have all of the question trainers but I'm only on #4.
  5. by   FL_Nurse92
    Quote from Nursenikki786
    Thank you...I have all of the question trainers but I'm only on #4.
    No problem! Trainer 7 is a beast, it is 265 questions and a very good example of what the NCLEX is like. I suggest you take it a few days before the big day. It took me a while to take the test and review all the answers and rationales. But just with trainer 7 alone, I learned a lot! I wish you the best!
  6. by   Nursenikki786
    Thank you again
  7. by   myriahalexis
    I just started Uworld and I love it! The set up is just like NCLEX and the questions are so much like NCLEX! I even saw a question I had the first time I took it! For me the best part is the rationales they really give you information about the question and why it's right or wrong. I would check out the free trial but I'm really enjoying it!
  8. by   Nursenikki786
    Thanks...I actually did sign up for the free trial and I like it as well. Do you think that just using UWorld alone is enough to study with?
  9. by   myriahalexis
    I have been using other sources for content but hands down for questions it's probably the best.
  10. by   Nursenikki786
    Awesome...thank you
  11. by   myriahalexis
    Uworld has a group on Facebook with resources people post. There's also a Facebook group called NCLEX SATA question only thats also really good. They even have books on their page that you can download.
  12. by   Nursenikki786
    Yes...I've actually joined all of those groups too!
  13. by   jjmm RN,BSN
    I found Uworld to be the most helpful prep that I used, although I didn't do Kaplan. UWorld questions were almost just like NCLEX. My school used ATI, and I found the content to be good with ATI, but Uworld questions were better. I passed in 75 the first time. Good luck!
  14. by   Nursenikki786
    That's good to know...the more questions I do on UWorld to more I'm feeling like ditching Kaplan lol...congrats to you and thank you