1. Hi everyone, I am using this UWorld for 10 days straight with 75 questions per day and i only have a month left to take my NClex RN for the first time. I am averaging between 60-- to 65% . is it good or bad?!? i have to admit i still have a lot to learn and im kinda freakin out because one month more and i will be taking the biggest exam of my life! have not done the first assessment yet. Any tips on how to get ready and feel whenever im ready.. especially with this u world qbank. everyones talking about this and i found it really great! please help . thank you!
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  3. by   Miss.LeoRN
    My UWorld scores were pretty low too. Scores tell you what you knew previous to being asked the question. Just be sure to read all the rationales, both ones you get right and ones you get wrong. Try not to focus on the score, but rather what you're learning. Looking at each question with a "Okay, I didn't know that, but now I do" sort of mind set really helped me get over the whole "omg I am gonna fail" thoughts that plagued me each time I saw a 68% (or worse, 54%) on a practice test. Another thing I read that really helped was the advice of looking at each question individually. Not keeping in the back of my mind whether or not I failed the last question or the last three questions.

    One thing I noticed when I was taking the tests, was the longer I took to answer, the more likely I was to get the answer wrong. I think the issue was, the longer I took, the more likely I was to over think the question and second guess my answer. I ended up getting a lot wrong because I would over analyse or overthink. The only exception was material I was unfamiliar with; there seemed to be several topics in UWorld that I'd never come across in Nursing School. Those questions aside, or ones that were a little oddly worded, I tried to answer as quickly as possibly with what answer struck me first (after reading them all twice, of course). I went into my NCLEX with that strategy as well.
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    Hi thank you for your thoughts! i do appreciate it. yes i think i would take it as a learning tool not an assessment. there were really new topics that ive never encountered before. i will take your advise really not to focus on scores but rather the rationales. im taking notes down especially with my wrong answers and going over them by the next day to retain things. im just anxious as 100 percent thank you for your thoughts! appreciate it!