Uworld prep.

  1. Hello RNs and future RNs!

    I'm currently preparing for my battle in NCLEX RN, I'm using Uworld right now and I've been doing great I guest. I did my assessment 1 and I got 72nd percentile "very high chance of passing (47 corrects, 27 incorrect and I apparently omitted 1. I have been doing 150 questions a day and reviewing them after doing the exams. My score is 84th rank (62% correct and 38% incorrect) I will probably do my 2nd assessment few days before the exam just to see where I am at.

    I will be testing this coming October 2nd and really giving my all to this exam! I will be praying to all of the Future RNs that will be taking the exam! We can do this! Its tough but we just need to grind and grind until we succeed and GRIND SOME MORE! I'm praying to God to give us knowledge and self confidence that we need!

    God bless us all!
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  3. by   hopefulRN'17
    Best of luck to you!!!
  4. by   meeekeee
    best of luck! im taking my exam on oct 2 too!
  5. by   spccpsv
    Yay! Thank you so much! REALLY means a lot!
  6. by   spccpsv
    Quote from meeekeee
    best of luck! im taking my exam on oct 2 too!
    Oh good luck to you too! WE CAN DO THIS!
  7. by   NabaroKairu
    Hello hello,

    Best of luck to you! I recently passed my NCLEX and used UWorld too: your statistics look much better than mine before I tested! You have got this! Be sure to sleep as much as you can beforehand, eat a nice meal, bring some water and a few snacks with you in case you're there for a long while, and don't be afraid to take moment to sit back & breathe a little during the test.
  8. by   lee0112
    Best of luck to you!!!! Just believe in yourself and your knowledge, you can do this! I used UWorld and Saunders Comprehensive Review book to study. I personally thought UWorld was harder than the NCLEX, and I was getting about high 60s and low 70s for rest scores and an overall score in the 70s and I passed just fine! Just make sure to go slow, READ THE QUESTIONS COMPLETELY, and answer it the best you can! Good luck!!
  9. by   PocketSize
    I strictly used UWORLD and passed in 75 (1st attempt). I made the mistake of getting the 30-day NCSBN review along with UWORLD and I stopped using it after I glanced through Peds/OB (my struggle throughout school)- It wasn't helpful and their questions were terrible. I thought the NCLEX was much easier than the UWORLD questions and it definitely prepared me for the big day. If you have enough time before test day, I'd go back to do your missed questions. That helped me a lot.

    I ended up 89th percentile and got a very high chance of passing on the assessment, but others on this site have scored in the 60s percentile and have passed.

    Good luck!
  10. by   spccpsv
    This is an amazing moment for me! I finally passed NCLEX RN! My questions went all the way to 265! Thank you GOD for giving me knowledge and strength to finally pass the exam!