Used Kaplan for 2nd NCLEX and retake in 2 days!

  1. Hi all,

    The first time I took the Nclex was in October and I studied using only the saunders book and failed the nclex with 200 q's. I felt like the questions in saunders was wayyyyy easier than the actual test. But, I blamed myself b/c I let anxiety get the best of me and took the test as fast as I could the last 50 q's and I never even took a little break!:uhoh21:

    Now, this second time around I took my friends advice and used Kaplan. I did the q bank with an average of 67% and my q trainer % were:
    test 1: 57
    test 2: 68
    test 3: 61
    test 4: 63
    test 5: 59
    test 6: 69
    test 7: 64

    Does anyone know if my scores are ok? I think I am just starting to freak out a little bit since I retake the nclex in two days. I have been working on taking my time on each and every question. I pray that my anxiety will not get the best of me! I have a job I am also suppose to start in January! It's just a little scary since I did fail the first time I took it and it was the first time I had ever failed at anything! I don't want to fail and have to experience the feelings all over again!

    Please give me any advice or encouragement for my second time around. I think the day before the test I will just try to relax and maybe review a little!

    Thanks all!!
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  3. by   ukstudent
    They seem ok to me. On the question bank there are 3 small pre-made tests. The third test is all "Who to see first type questions", do this test. It is very helpfully as a lot of my test was that type of question. Good luck and NEVER rush. The test only ever looks at the last 60 questions that you have done. If you start rushing then you are going to fail. Slow down and take your time. Think of it this way, you have 6hrs to get the 60 questions mostly right.
  4. by   Born-In-The-USA
    Does that mean out of 60, if we got 30 right then we are ok......coz as i understand it is made so that passers and failers both do 50 % right, right???
  5. by   ukstudent
    Around 30 yes. But it is around 30 really hard questions. If it stops at 75, 15 are not counted so the test is out of 60. As you go past 75 questions the first ones get dropped off. The test keeps looking back over your last 60 questions to check how many of the high difficulty ones you are getting correct. This is why if you panic and start rushing you fail. DO NOT RUSH, take breaks if you need to and forget about the clock.
  6. by   Born-In-The-USA
    thanks for clarification.
  7. by   RNroseshea
    Yes, YOU ARE READY!!!!
    I did the qbank as well for my second time around with 75 ?'s and I am a RN now!
    My scores were lower than yours:
    QT 1=57%
    QT 2=57%
    QT 3=53%
    QT 4=59%
    QT 5=56%
    QT 6=68% (my only one over 65%)
    QT 7=58%
    I also did the entire qbank over which brought all of my scores to 94% and above. Good luck, I know you can do it!