Update: Ran out of time and STILL passed NCLEX!!!!

  1. I just want to say ALL GLORY BE TO GOD!!!!

    A few months ago, I posted my first blog about failing nclex at 265. I felt so defeated and wasn't sure how i would pick myself up and try again. For those of you who feel like throwing in the towel, DON'T!!!!!!!
    Do NOT give up on yourself. Be proud of the fact that you even made it out of nursing school. Stop comparing yourself to your classmates who passed before you did.. so what?!
    Everyone has their OWN time to pass and begin working. I also want to encourage everyone who's coming down hard on themselves to believe what GOD says about you! He's not through with you just yet!!!

    After a few days of crying, I prayed and asked God for direction. This time, He told me not to rush. I took MY TIME. I studied for 3 months. I told myself that i would not sit for nclex until i felt confident in the knowledge i obtained through studying.

    Here's what i used:

    Hurst review- great lectures. you will really learn the necessary content for nclex. The lecturer breaks everything down into simple terms. she is really good at what she does. I watched videos and filled in her 200+ pages of notes for 2 1/2 weeks.

    uWorld- Honestly, this is one of the best study tools for new grads to use before nclex. However, if you struggled with content in school, watch something like a hurst review to go over content before starting uWorld. The questions are pretty challenging and one can get easily frustrated if they feel like they cannot remember or perhaps never saw some of the material in school. Once you've reviewed some content, uWorld will help to reinforce what you already know AND teach you things along the way.

    Day of Nclex:
    I felt like i had the upper hand because this was my 2nd attempt and i had an idea of what to expect. I just knew that the computer would shut off at 75 lol... but then it went to 76, then 100, then 150, and so on...
    I knew not to start guessing simply to make it to 265. So i took my sweet time. The rule is that the computer will use your last 60 questions to determine pass or fail. So the next time you take your exam, if you've past 75 questions, it's okay. But please DON'T start guessing answers. You do not have to make it all the way to 265. I am a living testimony that you can STILL pass if you run out of time. My time expired at 216. The following day, I saw my name and license number on the Florida Department of health website.

    SO THIS MEANS YOU ARE NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Be encouraged future nurses!!!!
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