uncertain about if i passed of not..

  1. Hi everyone just took my nclex-pn yesterday 10/26 and i'm not to sure if I passed or not. Some of the questions I had no clue what they were asking me. It first started off easy then it got hard then it went back and forth the computer shut off at around 110-115. Is there and way to find out whether you passed or not based on the type of questions they asked. And what is the passing score if there is any how many questions do you need to get right in order to pass? Or does the questions that they ask you have anything to do with your passing or not please help i'm worked.
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  3. by   DolphinRN84
    The number of questions does not determine pass/fail. The type of questions you got are hard to determine but usually it's a good sign if you have priority questions. There really is no score to the NCLEX. It's just pass/fail. Though you have to get 50% above passing standard questions right I believe. Good luck with your results!
  4. by   EricJRN
    No passing score. Both passers and failers tend to score around 50%. The pass/fail result is based on whether you are getting 50% on hard questions or on easy questions. Difficulty level of questions is determined by pretesting them (which is why some of your own questions are unscored). There are certain types of questions that people think are harder or easier, but question types and number of questions really tell you nothing for certain.

    In short, we can't look at anyone's recap of their own exam and make any reliable predictions. We do know that first-time, US-educated candidates pass >85% of the time.

    Good luck to you!
  5. by   bigcon
    i tool the nclex on 10/26
    it shut off at 100-105
    and it was hard some of the questions i had no ideal.
    and i did good in school.
    i'm so afraid i do not pass.
    i'm sad right now.