U world and NCLEX 8-4-18

  1. I'm writing this post to give updated information about the NCLEX for people who are searching for answers like I was. I was offered a position at a hospital and I accepted because I wanted a job. It was a floor I would love working on but not my dream job. I was supposed to start soon after graduating if I passed the NCLEX. My dream job's manager kept saying she was interested but no offer. So I prayed about it but still accepted the offer I had. Well guess what took the NCLEX and failed due to anxiety attacks. All 265 and FAILED. Was I upset, of course not. 2 days after I failed my dream job called for an interview. 4 days after I failed I got engaged. Life was great! I got offered the dream job in the interview and accepted. I told the manager I could start in August which gave me time to retake the exam in 45 days. She didnt know I failed. So I used, U World, which I didn't the first time. I did all the questions and the post test which said "very high chance of passing test." I made flashcards on the content and went back through all the questions. Then I took NCLEX mastery free quiz 90% chance of passing. I bought NCLEX mastery pre and post test predictors 87% and 83% chance of passing. I was still nervous and studying. The day before I reviewed, bought myself a gift and went to the spa. I woke up the next morning, test day, at 6 ate, got dressed and went to the exam center at 730 test was at 8. I was READY, not nervous or anxious but ready to crush this test and I did 75 it shut off a little over an hour And I did the PVT trick after I received the email from Pearson vue and got the good pop up twice. My anxiety kicked in and so did my acid reflux. I was relieved and relaxed and about 7 hours later I go the email. MY LICENSE. I SCREAMED A LITTLE, I had just got rid of a migraine and I cried! Do i think u world and the NCLEX are similar content wise? No it covers the same concepts and diseases but the answers on the NCLEX are choices you didn't know could go with that subject matter. But u world teaches you to critical think. So I suggest getting it and get the one with the predictor. I will be starting my DREAM Job in a week!
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  3. by   Neo Soldier
    Thanks for sharing. I'm taking my NCLEX soon and I have been using UWorld and Kaplan. My friends have passed already and one said that after taking her NCLEX, she believes we were very prepared by our school. Fingers crossed. Congratulations to you!
  4. by   NurseRN234
    You're welcome. Thank you! It does but u world narrows down the content covered on the NCLEX. I did the Kaplan free trial and I didn't like Kaplan. Read all rationales and takes notes with u world
  5. by   NurseRN234
    Good luck!
  6. by   wookiss28
    Congratulations on passing!! I was wondering how long did it take for your 2nd ATT ? I already sent my retake application via online last May and Im still waiting for my ATT. I'm so anxious...
  7. by   NurseRN234
    2 weeks. I kept calling them though. I failed before someone I know and they sent his first so I had to get aggressive. I also paid before him too
  8. by   NurseRN234
    Thank you!
  9. by   wookiss28
    Really? I tried calling the Board and it keeps hanging up. Due to high volume of calls. Tried emailing them still waiting for their reply..
  10. by   NurseRN234
    Wait, what? MAY?? You should have been received it. You can retake every 45 days
  11. by   wookiss28
    Quote from NurseRN234
    Wait, what? MAY?? You should have been received it. You can retake every 45 days
    yes, since MAY! That's why I was wondering why I haven't received it yet. And they are processing the request for June already... Im not sure on what to do anymore. I thought doing it online would be faster.
  12. by   NurseRN234
    I would keep calling. Also call Pearson Vue maybe they can contact them. Try to call first thing in the morning
  13. by   ltrees1
    I take my NCLEX PN exam the end of August 2018. I have done so many programs i a m going crazy. Boardvitlas, Uworld, NCSBN review.
    They are all a little different, Boardvitals I keep getting in the 50's on adaptive tests and Uworld i am getting 60%. I really don't know if
    that is good or bad, but to me it seems horrible. Can anyone tell me what they have experienced on the test so far if you have taken it recently, and
    am i close to a passing score. I really don't understand the CAT testing.
  14. by   NurseRN234
    The scores don't matter. Mine were 40s-60 but review the content make sure you understand the reasoning