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  1. Hi
    anyone useU world only and pass the nclex RN?
    how useful U world for NCLEX-RN?
    anyone made the notes for NCLEX-RN exam from U world questions?
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  3. by   DaniTheEnchanted
    Hmmm I want to know as well
  4. by   Vaish
    You are preparing for NCLEX-RN exam ? When are you planning to give exam ?
  5. by   DaniTheEnchanted
    Yes I am. I'm a repeat test taker so I'm preparing again. I have Uworld but I've been brushing up my contents with Saunders. I'm planning on taking the exam maybe end of September or early October. And u??
  6. by   Vaish
    Yes. I. Am planning to give in october.
  7. by   Vaish
    Why you fail first time? What is the reason behind that.
  8. by   DaniTheEnchanted
    I believe the reason was that I was just doing questions and not really understanding the rationales. Also, I had some weak content areas that I should have studied more. Everyone was passing in my class so I thought that the materials that they were using , Kaplan, would work on me. So, that kind of thinking made me think that I wpuld easily pass nclex as well.
  9. by   Vaish
    Okk. You will definately pass the exam now. All the best. I make my own notes. I will send you. May be it will work for you to pass the exam.
  10. by   DaniTheEnchanted
    Thank you I hope so too!! I'll pm you my email thanks!!
  11. by   Vaish
    Ok send me your mail adress. Is the nclex exam questions similar to U world ?
  12. by   Mnm2017
    I used Uworld only. I graduated at the end of May and just passed with 75 questions on Thursday 8/17. I bought the 30 Day subscription and did questions almost everyday. I still had about 800 questions left in the Qbank. I just wrote the rationales down to all the questions I answered incorrectly and some that I got right but wasn't really sure about.
  13. by   Vaish
    Exam questions are similar to U world ?
  14. by   Vaish
    I m asking becuase so i will give more attention on U world. Thanks