Took Nclex RN Stopped at 90. WUT R MY CHANCES OF PASSING?!?!?! - page 2

Many of you can relate... i just took my boards yesterday and really didn't feel sure about my answers! i had no dosage calculations, 4 select all that apply and a bunch of knowledge based... Read More

  1. by   suzy253
    Quote from lildiza
    please how can i contact suzzanne to begin her plan. i am new to this website and dont know how i am supposed to post a message
  2. by   lildiza
    thanks a million but how do i pm her cause it says to pm her with some information
  3. by   bengiestev
    Congratulations:bowingpur now its party time!!!!!

  4. by   cneley
    congrats I took my boards today. the test cut off at 108. I had about 12 SATA and 2 calc's. I sure hope that I pass 2!!!!!!!!! Pray 4 me