To Those Who Have Already Taken The NCLEX - page 2

i struggle with big time anxiety. sitting here right now taking questions i am completely calm and collect. i can sit here right now look at everyone in the eye and say i am going to pass the nclex... Read More

  1. by   Winnie_Kate
    Thanks for posting this!!! I re-rest on the 25th and thankfully it is an afternoon test time I'm working on all the material review as best I can, but I also need to start working on the anxiety factor of this exam, which is already creeping up on me!

    Congrats on the good pop-up, I look forward to sharing my success with the exam in a few weeks
  2. by   Rach10388
    Best of luck Winnie! I suggest when you get there and test, don't put on those silencing headohones right away because all you hear is your heart and that made me worse.. I wrote on the dry erase board "Rachel Stevens, RN BSN" and "I can do this" it helped when I felt my anxiety creeping up I looked at it and said I WILL PASS and kept going!