To Study or not to Study?

  1. Heres my question to you. With the NCLEX just around the corner, is it best to study or just go with what you already know? In reality its just another comprehensive exam with no new informantion. When I took my LPN NCLEX I just went in without having studied first. I passed and did just fine. What are your opinions?
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  3. by   milkers
    I am taking my PN boards in 2 weeks and I'm thinking I'm not studying much before hand either. I'm glad to hear that worked for you! I think if you know it, you know. I tend to do well on tests in nursing school (all NCLEX style).

    Please post what you chose to do and if it worked! Good luck!
  4. by   BigCSN
    Thank you for your response! I have a good 4-5 months before im done with RN school so I have a while. I think I will just do what I did when I took my LPN boards. Ive had ppl tell me its best to just take it. I agree with what you said. You know what you know. Why confuse all the information you already have in your head right?
  5. by   coco317
    My nursing school utilized ATI practice testing to prepare us for the NCLEX. (If you're not familiar it's online testing designed to simulate the NCLEX test) I used these practice tests to gauge my knowledge in the different care areas and then brushed up on the subjects that I was weak in. I didn't over do my studying but I also didn't forgo it completely either. It also depends on how much time there is between graduating and sitting for your boards. I also checked out a Kaplan book from the library and read their strategies for analyzing a NCLEX question and that helped me a lot. If you weren't exposed to many 'select all that apply' I would practice those in a NCLEX book!!

    Good luck!
  6. by   BigCSN
    I am very familiar with ATI! We also utalize that in the program. Many ppl dont like it, but I have found them to be helpful. Good advice! Thank you very much!