to all who individually process their nclex, need ur advice

  1. hi everyone,
    i just want to solicit ur suggestions or the things u have done including the expenses u've made in taking the nclex exam in hongkong, taiwan and saipan. i heard that there is US$150 + VAT in taking the exam internationally(hongkong,taiwan) but if w/n US territory there is no fee. i just wanted to know so that i may have an idea how much do i have to prepare bec i'm the one shouldering all the expenses.
    thank you everybody in advance.
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  3. by   devshop
    hi. aside from the fees that you will be paying the board of nursing (which varies in every state), you will pay $200 when you register to pearson vue after you recieve your eligibility letter. then you will wait for your ATT through email. then once you recieve your ATT, you can now schedule your NCLEX exam wherever you wish to take it. if you are going to schedule your NCLEX outside of the US like in Hong Kong, you will have to pay pearson $150. but if you will schedule your exam in the US, guam, or saipan,,, no need to pay any additional fees. good luck to you!
  4. by   EzBSN
    [color=olive]yes, thats correct... have to pay $150 if international testing area and nothing if us area. i took mine on us grounds thats why my expenses were not that expensive... and one thing more... i'm out of the phils for almost a decade now... been in me working....
  5. by   010507
    Hi devshop and EzBSN,
    thank you for the info...and one more, can u pls. quote me how much i will spend in US and what about in hongkong (includes tickets and hotel)?