Thomson Delmar's Nclex Online Review..pls Helllllppp!!!! :( :(

  1. Is THOMSON DELMAR'S NCLEX ONLINE REVIEW better? Is their approach most likely the same with NCSBN/Kaplan/others? Or other online reviews are way much better than Thomson Delmar's? I need cpmments/suggestions guys!! Pls
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  3. by   ICU_JOSIE
    YES! It would make things a lot more convenient than reviewing from the book. Well, I guess it's a matter of personal choice ... I had the exact book but I chose to review the hard way .... flipping through the pages. I made sure that I made 100 or more questions/day. I used it to do self-review for my CGFNS way back 2002 and I did pass. It also helped me pass NCLEX recently this year on first take (again by self-review) . If you are really that determined, you can make your dreams come true You may feel that you could be under a lot of pressure but just try to discipline yourself. PASSING the test sends you up to cloud 9, seriously .... I never felt such bliss in my whole life.

    It's really a good review material, I highly recommend it if you use it together with Saunders and Lippincott CDs .

    For those who would like to try it, check their website at

    N.B. I'm in no way related to Delmar Publishing or any of its affiliates, I'm just a nurse willing to help and recommend review materials that really work!

    Best of luck !!!