this is for those who took NCLEX recently and passed

  1. did you guys get questions that you have never even heard of the disease/syndrome or med? ive heard peopel get things they NEVER heard of, what did you do when u got a question like that??? did it freak you out?
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  3. by   beautsbelle
    I had several. It was a terror moment. I guess what I did was look at the question and see if there were any clues I could use. Then I looked at all the answers and tried to see if there was a med that I could remember that was in the same category as the one they were asking about. Worst case, I just guessed. Still waiting to see how I did, but I will know soon I hope. It was frustrating, but also super nice when I came across a question that I knew the answer to right off the bat.
  4. by   kcksk
    Yes you will be no--don't freak out. Chances are they are asking you something else and that is in there to throw you. When you really look at the question and break it down, use your skills to eliminate the answers that don't apply at all and then you can make an educated guess. Remember everything you learned at any review course you took--which words are eliminators (i.e. only, never, etc) and that will rule out a couple right away. Just take a deep breath and relax when you see something that isn't familiar. Reread the questions, ask yourself "what are they looking for" and it becomes clearer.

    Hope that helps.
  5. by   annfaith
    During the Hurst Review I took I remember the instructor telling me if I had not heard of an answer to a question chances are the NCLEX people had not either and so these answers would only be distractors. Go with what you know.