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  1. To my fellow nurses , i have a friend who really desire becoming a nurse . she failed out of 3rd semester due to a stupid math exam that everyone has to get 100% in order to move on to the next phase. personally thats insane. she did not failed that test because she only missed one problem. 90% to me is still passing. i thought they needed nurses . but these nursing school are becoming more like politican . what they are teaching us in nursing school regarding compassion. needs to be practice more amongs you have a dedicated stundent, who has her LVN and works as a school nurse rasing four kids by herself, how determine is that. but her dreams was cut short because of a math test. It's been a year now and her hope is fadeing she fears thier is a black cloud over her head. no one has called her back or has accpected her application to attend other nursing school . what she needs is hope again and sn oppertunity to show them she is good enough to be a nurse. please can anyone help my friend through this difficult time, by given her some suggestion on what she can do to make her situation better. maybe someone may know of any nursing school that will excepted her in 3rd or 4th semester .please pray for my friend thank you
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    What state is she in? If we move this post there, it may get some more helpful responses.