the longest day of my life - page 3

as the title goes, today is the longest day ever! I recalled taking nclex last December and didnt become lucky with 265 questions. the problem at that time is I am really wasnt prepared. been... Read More

  1. by   Leilah75_RN
    thanks renri4 (mare )... i will start reading again next week and try to do the second part of Suzanne's plan which i havent done due to bad timing. anyways, best of luck to all of us...tsika and stuff for us not to feel alone, count me in again, thanks and God Bless...
  2. by   jayann
    Hi leilah, you are not alone with your struggles. You are lucky to have your family beside you and making a difference in their lives. You have a big heart. remember that there will always be a blessing to all the sacrifices that we make. this may not be your time yet, but dont ever lose hope. take your time and try to unwind first before tackling the exam again. i am studying for my second NCLEX, but i bounced back from my temporary setback...still hoping that one day ill make it...take care.. smile..there are many reasons to be happy. God bless you