Thank God I finally pass the nclex!!!

  1. To each and everyone who are struggling with the nclex, this my encouragement to you, do not discourage. It took me 2 years after I graduated from nursing school to pass the nclex, I'm telling you it's not easy I prayed and studied hard, guess what?? I failed 3 Times but now I can say by the grace of the Lord I'm a RN. You are not a failure until you give up. After I failed the third time I joined the allnurses to at least get some good advises there's some of them that were very discouraging so negative, they made me like they the only one that could be nurses. Don't listen to those people, do what's you have to do and you will get it. If I did it you can can it too after all it was God's favor cause I'm strongly believe in Jesus. be strong, be motivated study harder and harder. It would pay off.
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  3. by   Skyler18
    Congratulations :-)
  4. by   hopetopassnclex
    Congratulations dear, what resources do you think helped you the most. What strategies did you take at you fourth time that lead to your success.
  5. by   eloune
    Thank you guys
  6. by   eloune
    Thank you. like I said what I did that really boost me up was uworld, it really helps me with the strategies and everything I also was really focused on summit college review. I did all the sessions separately on both things.