Ten Questions and Answers About Taking the NCLEX-RN

  1. Found this great article @ NSNA...see info regarding taking a break DOES COUNT towards5hr total time to take NCLEX exam.

    Ten Questions and Answers About Taking the NCLEX-RN

    by Patricia Brown, MS, RN, CCRN, Anne Wendt, PhD, RN, Barbara Halsey, MBA, and Liz Farwell, MS, RN

    As graduation approaches, you may be filled with anticipation and
    fear about what lies ahead: new jobs, changing roles, and unknown possibilities.
    You face the additional challenge of the NCLEX-RN examination, and you may fear
    failure, which can be particularly overwhelming.

    Compounding these fears are rumors and misconceptions regarding the NCLEX-RN. This article provides information to nursing students and educators in an effort to dispel
    misconceptions and to answer some of the more frequently asked questions from
    candidates regarding the exam. Following are questions by students about the
    exam and replies from the authors.
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