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Hey there guys! How are you preparing for NCLEX so far? I decided to have a self review in NCLEX intead of going to a review center. I already started to read the Saunders Book and plan to finish it... Read More

  1. by   Quailfeathers
    As a student, our instructor already told us to complete/study 15,000 (yet, 15 thousand) questions before we complete the nursing program. So, I've already started doing NCLEX, even if at this point I don't have all the basic info needed, it is getting me in the mind set of how the NCLEX is set up and developing some level of confidence. I do worry about the NCLEX, however, I just have to have the faith that I'll succeed when the actual test is being taken.
  2. by   Heather, R.N.
    I think that's a great idea, Quailfeathers! You'll do awesome and doing that will help you a lot while you're in school!!