taking the NCLEX on 08/29...trying to relax before the big day comes...is this good? - page 2

Hi everyone, I am getting ready for the hot seat on 8/29...I've felt like I did all the best I can to study for it...And today, i just feel relaxed...STRANGE! but the threads i've been reading on... Read More

  1. by   RNKay31
    Quote from marieinla
    Hi Dreamsdo,
    Just got back from the exam...I went in there, stayed calm and focused....Questions 1-30 were pretty much like the Kaplan q trainer 7...that I was pretty sure of my answers...but after # 30, I wasn't sure of the mAterials and somehow i lost my focus....but I answered them to the best of my ability...and I prayed for every question that I dont know the answer to...it did shut off at 75..i had a few meds...and about 8-10 select all that apply type...dont worry, i think you'll do fine....stay confident...don't lose your concentration...I used the earplugs by the way and that helped too...GOODLUCK....Do your best....I'll keep you in my prayers
    Wishing you all the best on this day, God bless
  2. by   marieinla
    thanks, kay 31!!!!
    I'll keep you in my prayers too.
  3. by   RNKay31
    Quote from marieinla
    thanks, kay 31!!!!
    I'll keep you in my prayers too.
    You very welcome, and thank you too, I really need those prayers
  4. by   dreamsdo
    Thanks for all of the good wishes. I took the test this morning. I had only 75 questions and that was that. I am hopeful. One good thing is that I actually knew some of the answers without just guessing. Thank god for Kaplan.

    So, now I am anxiously waiting results. I am afraid to have failed at 75 questions because I will be really upset if I was proven incompetent that quickly. I studied a little over 100 hours!! As for now, I am going camping tomorrow with no phones or computers to continue checking and worrying about. I'll have to find some comfort in my hard work, focus, dedication, oh, and the miller lites by the camp fire

    Thanks again and I will post after vacation to let you all know how I did. Hopefully it will be another 75 and done success story to keep others hopeful.

    Melissa , BSN, 'RN' ?