taking nclex pn tomorrow!

  1. hello everyone! i will be taking the nclex pn tomorrow for the 2nd time. I took it for the first time in feb and failed so ive been studying ever since. Overall i feel pretty good about it although i cant help but to be a little nervous! please please pray for me! ill keep u all updated!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Wishing you good luck.
  4. by   krystald409
    so i just got back from taking the nclex and i feel horrible. I def think i failed. the computer shut off at 85 and the first time i took it it shut off at 85. i had about 8 SATA, 5 or 6 priority, 1 med and tons of drugs i didnt know! im stressing... i really need to pass this test! please please pray for me!
  5. by   CapNurse09
    Good Luck

    I think from what I read everyone thinks they have failed when they walk out of the test center. I am waiting on my ATT to schedule a date and I'm sure I'll feel exactly like you do now when I'm done with my test.

    I've said a little prayer for you and I'm wishing you the best. Hopefully you will be able to get your results quickly.
  6. by   sheune15
    i wouldnt worry too much, if you ve been studying since feb, there s a good chance you passed.just to add a comment, when i took the nclex rn test last month and failed it, i came across a bunch of meds that i had never seen or heard of but as i was looking at the perfomance report they send when you do not pass, i did well in this area and that is one of the areas i was above the passing standard. the other thing i was thinking as i was taking the test was...why are they asking me about stuff that is so rarely used and even if i get it right, i will forget about it in a few a days after the exam.what good is that?that exam makes you so mad at times.i mean even doctors have to consult specialists outside their areas of expertise when it comes to medication, but nclex expect you to know it all.
    anyawy, good luck
  7. by   krystald409
    so.. i just tried the pearson vue "trick" and it didnt let me pay. a pop up comes up saying i have a scheduled test and cannot register at this time. From all the comments ive been reading about the trick im hoping this is a good sign!!!!!