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I am sitting for the Nclex in December 2005. Any supportive hints? I am studying with Saunders, Mosby CAT and NClex made incredibaly rediculous. I am very nervous! Thank you for any words of... Read More

  1. by   sandiixx
    yes thats something i need to know as well? What is the passing score for the NCLEX as no one will give me a straight answer. Does it vary depending on how many nurses they need?
  2. by   Muzicone
    From what I understand no one ever sees a score. Pearson Vue sends only a PASS?FAIL to the appropriate state board. There is no way to know "your score" on the test. I guess you are either safe or your not.
  3. by   sandiixx
    That may be why know one will tell me! I was told to practice and study till i get 80% on the practice questions then I would have a reasonable chance of passing. Another girl from where i work sat the NCLEX and says she passed at 67%! Dont know how she knows that? I did one practice exam KAPLAN I think and got 94% then did another and got 56%! Big difference!! So I think that like they say variety is the spice of life
  4. by   Ari RN
    Wishing You The Best Of Luck!
    Knock Em' Dead, and of course BREAK A LEG!
  5. by   sandiixx
    hey good luck for your exam in december!! Please let us know how you did and give us any useful tips you might have from your experience :biere:
    All the best!