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Hi fellow nurses, I have been an inactive members here due to lack of time, but I have read your posts and they made me feel better. I would like to say congrats to all of you who have successfully... Read More

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    Are you reading the rationales to the questions. I am wondering if you are rushing a bit in answering your questions. Try taking your time and reading the question a couple of times. Usually you are able to discount a couple of the questions and then it is a case of looking at what is left. Think about Maslow, ABC's and I believe Kaplan has the decision tree although I do not know much about it.

    If you need to reschedule then it may be what you need
    I am thinking of rescheduling but nothing is available until August 14th. I read the rationales. The problem is I did not through the book first. I listened to people who said I should do questions only

    Now, I am stuck with these low grades. I have done well on Infection control. I went back to Saunders and I was answering almost all the Infection Control questions. Pharm and Reduction of Risk Potential are my weakest points. I plan on completeing the Kaplan by Wednesday, and hopefully go over them again on Thursday. People say I will pass because I did well in school but
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    Don't feel like an idiot because you're not. If you read some of the posts from people you'll find some really talented and smart people...who failed the NCLEX. After taking the NCLEX twice, I developed a study plan according to what my learning style was and what my weaknesses were. My post is long but I wanted to provide every detail on how I passed the 2nd time around.

    A big part of my being able to study was in keeping calm and not letting my anxiety get the best of me (like it did the first time around). Your test is 3 weeks away (that's probably where I got some of my best studying in) and so there is so much that you can do! Come up with a study plan and stick to it. You can do this!
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    WELL THANKS. My tst is on Friday though. I am halfway with my Kaplan Qbank. I feel better now after church and a break from studying. I will post here and thank you all no matter what happens

    God has a plan.