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  1. dear ms suzanne,
    this is my 2nd thread re. this issue. I've received several feedbacks and most of them are comforting. I would like to ask your assessment backed by your expertise regarding my case. Its been several days since I took the NCLEX. I stopped at 263 because i ran out of time. I heard that in this case there's a slim chance of passing. My friends who took with me on the same day almost ran out of time also but fortunately answered the last question before the final second. There were 2 of them. They both passed! But mine is a different story right? In your expert opinion, do I have a chance or should I cast away my hopes. I'm prepared though, whatever comes, but still am hurting because I gave my best and a great deal of money was spent. The time, stress, emotions invested were overwhelming. Of course I prayed and still praying a lot too. Can you please share me your thoughts? I shall be ever grateful..
    If in case I fail (which I really dread!), what's my next step? How long before I can re-take? Is it possible to apply to another state BON or I should just stick to my orginal BON? Thanks a lot!
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  3. by   kingmig
    Hi. I also took my exam in Hong Kong last Aug.30. I ran out of time. I also finished 263. But after 48 hrs I found out I passed. Dont worry they will base your passing rate on the last 60 items you've answered. Keep praying!