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  1. Alright guys here it goes-- I'm scheduled to take my NCLEX-PN on Tuesday May 5th. The day keeps approaching and am I getting more nervous by the minute. I have completed the entire Lippincott review book which I think has about 2000 questions in it. I have a legal pad full of stuff that I got wrong that I try to read through every night and yes I have been graphing my answers. I have now moved onto the Saunders CD that has about 3000 questions on it. I have been doing four 100 question tests per day and scoring about an average of a 75%. This concerns me a little bit. I was just wondering if I am being too picky with my scores or do I really need to study more? I mean some of the stuff I can't imagine any NEW nurse would know. Those who have taken the NCLEX, how were your practice scores before testing? Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Wondering how your test went. Hope you passed.