Study Preparations

    *determine your strengths and weaknesses
    *create a study schedule
    *set realistic goals
    *find an effective study space
    *think positively
    *start studying sooner rather than later

    2 to 3 months before the NCLEX
    *establish a study schedule. set aside ample time to study but also leave time for social activities, exercise, family or personal responsibilities, and other matters.
    *become knowledgeable about the NCLEX-RN examination, it's content, the types of questions it asks, and the testing format.
    *begin studying your notes, texts, other study material.
    *take some NCLEX practice questions to help you diagnose strengths and weaknesses as well as to become familiar with NCLEX-style questions.

    4 to 6 weeks before the NCLEX
    *focus on your areas of weakness. That way, you'll have time to review these areas again before the test date.
    *find a study partner or form a study group
    *take a practice test to gauge your skill level early
    *take time to EAT, SLEEP, EXERCISE AND SOCIALIZE to avoid burnout

    1 week before the NCLEX
    *take a review test to measure your progress
    *record key ideas and principles on note cards or audiotapes
    *rest, eat well, and avoud thinking about the examination during nonstudy times
    *treat yourself to one special event, you've been working hard, and you deserve it!

    the day before the NCLEX
    *drive to the test site, review traffic patterns, and find out where to park. if your route to the test site occurs during a heavy traffic or if you're expecting bad weather, set aside extra time to ensure prompt arrival
    *do something relaxing during the day
    *avoid concentrating on the test
    *rest, eat well and avoid dwelling on the NCLEX during nonstudy periods
    *call a supportive friend or relative for sime last-minute words of encouragement

    the day of the NCLEX
    *get up early
    *wear comfortable clothes, preferable with layers you can adjust to fit the room temperature
    *leave your house early
    *avoid looking at your notes as you wait for your test computer
    *listen carefully to the instructions given before entering the test room
    *succeed, succeed, SUCCEED!!!

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