Some thoughts about NCLEX

  1. To everyone studying for NCLEX & getting ready to take it,

    I promised myself I'd take some time if I passed NCLEX to write out some thoughts that may hopefully help at least 1 person.

    Of course this is just my opinion having experienced it last Monday and finding out I passed Wednesday was one of the biggest feelings of relief I've ever experienced.

    1st... You can do this. You've made it through school and know the material and have to go into the test giving yourself a little credit. (BTW, I didn't do any of the things I'm suggesting)

    2nd... Take a few deep breaths before you begin the test and remember that you have A LOT of time to take the test. Don't be afraid to read the question and take a minute if you don't know how to answer it. Take 2 minutes, take 3 minutes. You have the time. Don't panic. READ the question. Remember, if the stem of the question doesn't have an assessment in it, and it's a priority question, Assess 1st!

    3rd... If the computer doesn't shut off at 75 questions, try not to worry about it. (Easy for me to say now but this is what got me very worried). It shouldn't. I passed at 120 questions and know of others who passed with the full amount of 265. Don't worry about others around you and when they finish or what # you are on. Just take the questions one at a time.

    4th and most important. Don't Give Up! Every question counts! Even if you feel like I did and aren't sure if you've answered the last 20 questions right, stay with it. If you get nervous, stop yourself, close your eyes, do whatever you have to to regroup and tackle the next question.

    Good Luck to Everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Spec, R.N.
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  3. by   share
    Thanks specfuz! You're wonderful!!! That's really kind of you!
    I'm taking the NCLEX on 2/11~ Starting to panic. :uhoh21:
    I'm a U.S citizen but a foreign grad. Just passed the boards in Taiwan and is currently preparing for the NCLEX in the States. This is a long and dreadful process without my family and friends here to support me. NCLEX is a huge challenge for me, with all those vocabularies, cultural diversities...etc. Guess I'll just have to remember that persuing dreams aren't always easy. Just have to be determined, trust in the Lord and keep on going!
    Anyways, what I'm trying to say is I really appreciate all the sharing on this forum. This forum really gives me the strength to go on. Thanks!
  4. by   tjhemtrn2b
    Thanks for the advice~ I'm taking it tomorrow morning and any words of wisdom are helpful right now!!