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PASSED!!!!!!!!:dance: OMG!! ITS A WONDERFUL FEELING! I didnt really post to much but I was always on this site and it really helped me through this and nursing school.... Read More

  1. by   Candice31
    Quote from iwillbanrn
    please share with us! how was the test? was it hard? easy? not that bad?

    omg now you are miss rn!!
    well i thought the test was horrible. but two of my classmates said they was dancing in the parking lot because they thought it was so easy. i think i kept getting my answers right thats why it was so hard. i had about 10 drug questions all of them where check all that apply, i had 5 kg calculations, about 5 regulary calculations, and i had a wholeeeee bunch of diseases i never heard of. but im just a lpn.

    thanks everyone!