Should I trust the Prediction Percent???

  1. At my school we have to take the RN Comprehensive ATI to graduate. Supposedly it said I had a 98% chance of passing. I am getting into the home stretch now (less than a week to go!) and took the Mosby CAT today. It shut off at 87 questions and said I passed with a 94% chance of passing NCLEX.

    NCLEX is the most anxiety inducing thing I can recall preparing for ever. My question is - at what point do you say - ok, I trust that test, I can walk away and be finished studying??

    By the way, even though it's just a practice test, the Mosby CAT caused me a lot of anxiety. It reacts to your answers by changing difficulty like NCLEX. I found myself getting stressed each time I got an 'easy' one and also when it didn't shut off at 75! I am so glad I did it in prep for the real deal. Would also love to hear from others who did Mosby CAT about what value you give it.

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  3. by   augigi
    I'm working with Mosby CAT to increase my level of difficulty. It always says I have 94% chance of passing, but in 5 days I managed to increase the level of difficulty from 0.280 to 0.444, so I figure it's helping. I find it reassuring, but I also know what areas I need to work on, from doing the Saunders review questions.

    I think anything that gives you practice questions is good. You'll never feel "ready" to take the exam, but I do feel confident that I can at least PASS! I mean, I've been a nurse for 10 years, so if I'm not safe to practice now, I never will be!

    Good luck with your test.
  4. by   NCVegRN
    Thanks for your input. I hadn't thought about looking at improving the difficulty level. Does the scale go up to 1 being highest?

    I know I'll never feel 'ready', I just want to get to 'ready enough'. :wink2:
  5. by   augigi
    No, it goes from -0.33 to >0.350 - here is the link that explains the degree of difficulty:
  6. by   NCVegRN
    You are awesome, but now I am even more confused. My difficulty level says Consistent Difficulty Level Achieved: 0.512But my pass percent says 94% prediction. Oh, well. I know I am spending way too much time worrying about this! Why do we do this to ourselves?
  7. by   JRA
    I passed my boards about one month ago and it was the most stressed out i have ever been in my entire life. i took an externship position for 3 months before i took the exam and studied. all i did was take practice exam after practice exam and when i got somthing wrong i looked up the right answer. needless to say i passed and the night before i had like 3 martinis. it is ultimately overrated and I am not a smart student. dont stress out, just learn how to take the test. practice makes perfect. seriously.
  8. by   augigi
    Consistent difficulty level of 0.512 is really high - I think you'll be fine! If you don't know if now, you never will. Try and relax, do a few questions every day, and look after yourself the rest of the time. Let us know how you do.
  9. by   hlfpnt
    Good luck, prayers are with you all! :angel2:
  10. by   RNKay31
    To me mosby cat is a waste of time, and it is very out dated.
  11. by   RNKay31
    Quote from hlfpnt
    Good luck, prayers are with you all! :angel2:

    Wishing you the very best on your upcoming exam.
  12. by   NCVegRN
    Quote from RNKay31
    To me mosby cat is a waste of time, and it is very out dated.
    Would you care to offer some more detailed, constructive feedback?

    To me Mosby has the Alt format questions and simulates the stress of the test by changing according to your answers. That alone is worth something to me. And others have said Mosby was useful for them.
  13. by   blessed1702
    Hi V-
    You're right about the Mosby CAT. A friend of mine failed the NCLEX the first time then took the Mosby review online. She passed on her second attempt, she said the Mosby CAT said she had a 94% pass rate? It helped her so I bought the online test, I also got a 94% pass rate too. It simulates the NCLEX with the CAT so I figured if I could do well on that then I should pass, but then again who knows their level of difficulty compared to the NCLEX. The last time I took the NCLEX I had 6 select all that apply. I don't believe the mosby has that (I've only done 1 exam that stopped at 79 then I went on to get the analysis).?? Anyhow I prayed for you and wish you all the best!!!