Second Attempt on NCLEX: what's required

  1. For starters, it was a real rock gravel road for me to finally finish and graduate from the RN program, polished with accepting my ADN and diploma. I took two months to study using the VATI modules from ATI. However I was ill prepared and went through all 265 questions. Considered the longest 4 hours ever experienced. Got the mail notice telling me that I did not pass. Since then I used a plethora of materials ranging from Kaplan to Uworld.

    However I am quite confused about the reapplication process. Do I have to complete the examination identification form with the passport picture? How recent can the photo be considered valid? Am I required to fill out and submit another Live Scan Service request form for the second NCLEX attempt? How long does the Live Scan Service request form stay active and valid? Do I have to request another official transcript from the school?

    Finally, how long does this process take, assuming that everything is done online?

    I am in a real jam right now, and highly anxious. Any advice or suggestions?
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    You'll want to consult with your state's BON. There are many different answers to these questions depending on where you're actually located.
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    I live in california and from what i know if you have to retake it, you just fill out the reapplication online and mail in a hardcopy and attached passport photo. When you study and prepare, use UWORLD. my advice is to take your time and read and understand all the rationales, do 75 questions on the first day and after that leading to the next day you should be reviewing the rationales and understanding it before creating another set of 75 practice questions. UWORLD all the way!
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    Does the Live Scan form have to be submitted as well for the second NCLEX attempt? The first time when I submitted and paid online on the BREEZE website, the Live Scan form was listed with my old previous home address. I however moved shortly after sending everything on BREEZE.

    Also how recent can the photo be used in order to be valid? Do I have to contact the school for sending in another official transcript?

    Help please.