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    Has anyone here ever use saunders and saunders only for Nclex??? did you feel the questions prepared you for nclex as far as how they asked you and the format of the question?? i just need some advice help!!!!!!! it is a good review, but is it just a review or does it really produce a passing result???? im currently using saunders, but im always tempted to stray??? any advice?? im aware of suzannes plan of course, but any other people, who havent used suzannes plan and just did their own format with saunders??:spin:
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  3. by   ReeaNa
    I used the Saunders Comprehensive Review, Saunders Q&A Review and Saunders Strategies for Alternate Item Formats. I went through most of the Comprehensive review book and did about half of the other two books. I took the NCLEX for the second time yesterday so I do not know yet if I passed. But I can say that I definitely felt more confident this time around. One of the many things I think that caused me to fail the first time is that I was all over the place in my studying doing some studying with Kaplan, some with Saunders, some with Lippincott and some with Davis. It may work for some people (going through different books), but I think it just disorganized my studying and ultimately I wasn't focused. Personally Saunders helped me and it was better that I stayed focused on just those books. I would have done Suzanne's plan, but I couldn't wait for two weeks because of my work situation. But as I've read it's worked for a lot of people. Good luck!
  4. by   Matilda50
    After doing Suzanne plan and going though the questions. I felt the rationales are the best explained and your focus should be understanding the rationale whether you got it right or wrong. I will see taking test tomorrow 19 0800. I followed her plan exactly to the T and I can say Im really prepared. I will be another living testimony of her plan