Reviewing Pharm for NCLEX

  1. Hi everyone,

    I took the ATI predictor exam and didn't do so well on a lot of the pharm questions. I am taking the NCLEX on June 13 and am ramping up my studying. What should I do for pharm stuff? Are any of the pre-made pharm flash cards good? Any other good resources? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

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  3. by   pers
    I purchased the Mosby flash cards I've seen mentioned here. I got them locally at Borders for about $25. I like them and some of the pics do make things easier to remember for me.

    Several people have mentioned not to focus heavily on pharm (both here and people I know personally) because there are too many meds to know. I intend to learn everything on the flash cards as well as the drug classifications. Beyond that, I'm not sure what I'll do... Pharm is a nightmare for me.

    A friend mentioned Mediglyphics to me which I think could be useful, but it's not nursing focused so there may be things we miss. Love the way it is done though! Not just a pic, but info that explains each part of the picture so you can really make the connections.

    I'm also using Saunders but I'm not fond of their pharm sections--the way it's laid out seperately makes it more difficult for me to make connections (I plan to review those chapters again when I get to review of each system).
  4. by   annfaith
    It may be easier to know the classification of medications vs the medications. For example prils suffix are Ace Inhibitors and then recognize signs and symptoms and teaching to be done to the patient taking these medications. There is a thread on this web that list the classification of your most popular meds. Hope this helps.
  5. by   BabyLady
    I read where the "Exam Cram" books were good...not to use to study for the NCLEX per se, but to pull out drugs that have the most life threatening implications.
  6. by   ariel01
    I recommend the kaplan pharm cards.
  7. by   prairiecat
    I had like 15 pharm questions out of the 75 I took before it deemed me "DUMB" and shut off. A bunch of the pharm came at the very end so I feel real discouraged about passing. They wanted real obscure side effects to both common and not so common meds. No OB meds, no psych meds which I knew! Just all the ones I had NO idea about. What an awful experience to say nothing for my self esteem as I face the the days ahead......... Hurry Mon. or Tues. so I might know.
    I swear if I failed I will spend 8hrs./day the next 30 days memorizing the drug book. Oh I hope not...........
    I studied so hard for this test, did Kaplan, and put my whole life on hold. I was a "A" student thru nursing school and now I feel dumb as a post!