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  1. I passed the nclex-rn the first time i took it, i had 75 questions and now I’m a registered nurse...

    I won’t say it’s easy or its very hard.. Actually it all depends on your self-discipline, your focus and dedication..

    Anyway, I just want to share the review center i attended before taking the exam..
    It’s called AMERICA HEALTHWAYS EDUCATION.. A good review center i must say because it caters to diff. Needs and diff. Strengths and weakness of each students.. they are very accommodating they will see to it that u get the assistance that u deserve..

    They have two programs, first is the regular one which is the 7 day review and second is the unlimited program.. i took the regular one because i want to take the exam after a month, but it really depends on you, if you think your okay with the regular one then go for it, but if you think it’s not enough i suggest u get the unlimited program ,it’s all about personal preference and also about on your needs.. With both of the program they will provide u the book, the assessment test which will determine the areas your having trouble with, they will also give u practice questions..

    Okay so the first day of the review class i was really nervous because i felt like i have forgotten the things i learned from nursing school but because of the friendly atmosphere during class i became comfortable.. The instructor is very helpful and very informative not only because he has a lot of knowledge but because from all his experiences even before he became an instructor he became really great at what he do... he uses slides during discussion and visual aids which are really helpful if you’re a visual person.. Also if you have questions don’t hesitate to ask because the instructor will help u so you will clearly understand things that your having a hard time with or that are not clear to you..

    So, yes i do recommend this review center for both nclex rn or pn..
    Just visit their website if ever your interested or just plain curious with AHEC
    International NCLEX Students - NCLEX-RN | LVN | LPN Review Classes with America Healthways Education
    you can also msg me if u have questions, I’d be glad to help..
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Thanks for the recommendation for those who would like to use a review center.