Really confused -- help!

  1. just took a Qbank test on kaplan. i had a question about an LPN caring for a patient with localized herpes zoster who has never had the chickenpox. it asked what would be the best response of the nurse. From what I know, herpes zoster is shingles which is airborne precautions. The answer to the question said that localized herpes zoster is standard precautions. Am I missing something here? and is there a difference between localized herpes zoster and just herpes zoster?? these infection control questions trip me up because i feel like it changes with each question! i've memorized the lists and still got that question wrong. help.
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  3. by   KaiTT21
    and what about disseminated herpes zoster and disseminated varicella zoster (shingles??)
  4. by   shoegalRN
    According to my Saunders book, it says skin infections such as herpes simplex and varicella zoster are CONTACT PRECAUTIONS. Page 192 on Saunders Comphrensive Review book, Edition 4.
  5. by   shoegalRN
    Also on page 596 in Saunders, it says that Herpes zoster (shingles) the patient should be put on CONTACT precautions.
  6. by   KaiTT21
    yeah thank you! so much for your reply!! i have that edition so that's great. but under airborne precuations on page 191 it says disseminated varicella zoster... isn't that the same thing?? and are herpes zoster and herpes simplex the same??